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Waterjet Cutting Metal

CNCVINA provides high precision metal waterjet cutting service. We use Swiss Bystronic water jet cutting machine with the ability to process sheet metal: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper with the thickness up to 100mm. The CNC waterjet cutting application helps customers to process sheets, prototypes and create machine parts of great thickness and size with high accuracy in the shortest time. Contact us immediately for advice and support: VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-915740880 Email: |

Metal waterjet cutting on CNC water jet cutting machine (Water Jet) was born, opening a new direction for metal cutting technology, especially sheet cutting. 

Features of water jet cutting technology:

This metal cutting technology is created by using a water jet of very high pressure and high speed, or by a mixture of water and abrasive particles (Al2O3, SiO2 and garnet) as a non-manufacturing process. Heat, with a typical cut width of 0.76 mm, can achieve accuracy of ± 0.064mm, straightness of 0.05mm on sheet thicknesses of 1.5 ~ 30 mm. CNC water jet cutting can be processed with large sheet sizes, large thickness accurately and quickly, shortening the time of embryo assembly, machining time compared to traditional sheet processing methods. 

Application of sheet metal waterjet cutting technology

Waterjet cutting on sheet metal is used to make prototypes, quickly create embryos, cut machine parts from thin, medium plates. It is also used to cut, shape the 2D pattern texture with large thickness, make holes, drill holes on stainless steel sheets. With the 4-axis, 5-axis waterjet cutting machines, the ability to cut complex slopes and chamfers is possible.

metal waterjet cutting

With its excellent machinability, CNC waterjet cutting offers higher productivity on steel sheet material, thick stainless steel, high accuracy, better cut quality than plasma cutting. In particular, water jet cutting does not generate heat, so it does not cause structural changes and warping after cutting to help keep the desired shape.

With the capacity and experience of CNCVina, customers can rest assured to order waterjet cutting services for their iron, steel and stainless steel sheet products. We always ensure the technical and aesthetic requirements, delivery time and the most reasonable price for customers in Hanoi and nationwide.

We process CNC waterjet cutting on Bystronic-Swiss waterjet cutting machines: Bystronic Byjet Smart 3015. High-precision machine, stable operation with the ability to cut thick steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel sheets to 150mm.

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