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Waterjet Cutting Aluminium

CNC waterjet cutting aluminum machining on Bystronic - Swiss waterjet cutting machine fast and accurate. High precision waterjet aluminum cutting is used for rapid prototyping, work-pieces, cutting machine parts from sheets, cutting large 2D profiles, making holes, drilling holes in sheets. CNCVINA provides professional and reputable waterjet cutting service, processing products according to customer requirements. Professional CNC machining in Hanoi and nationwide. VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-915740880 Email: |

Waterjet cutting aluminum technology

Aluminum is a commonly used material in the mechanical engineering industry because of its low cost of ingot, aluminum material is characterized by light weight, no surface treatment and no rust. Easy to process and install with lower cost than steel and stainless steel.

Aluminum sheet products are used a lot in specialized machine frames, automatic machines do not require high load capacity. In addition to conventional milling and turning methods, thick aluminum is also processed by the waterjet cutting method on CNC machines (Water Jet). The outstanding feature of this method is the ability to cut up to 100mm thick, serving rapid embryo creation and cutting details that other machining methods do not meet.

Metal cutting technology in general and aluminum cutting in particular is the method of processing sheet metal by using a water jet with very high pressure and high speed, a mixture of water + abrasive particles (Al2O3, SiO2 and garnet). to cut through aluminum sheet.

This is a non-heat machining method, with a common cut width of 0.76 mm, which can achieve accuracy of ± 0.064mm, straightness of 0.05mm on sheet thicknesses from 1.5 ~ 30 mm. The greater the thickness of the sheet, the greater the taper.

Advantages of waterjet cutting aluminum technology:

Water jet cutting for aluminum sheet is used to make patterns, cut machine parts from thin, medium, thick to very thick sheets (gears, code plates, flanges with holes … cutting structural plates that require evaluation or high quality aluminum profiles with 2D profiles, making holes, drilling holes in large, thick aluminum sheets.

CNC water jet cutting aluminum plate brings higher productivity than traditional machining methods by reducing the time to set and calibrate the machine. With a 1500x3000mm plate mounted once on the machine table, with just one programming time, the parts have been finished cutting in a very fast time, significantly reducing the time for manufacturing.

Water jet cutting is an accurate machining method. Especially thick sheet, precision is still high, the quality of cutting is much better than plasma, gas-oxygen cutting. The cut does not appear bavia and does not have to go through the shaving process like plasma cutting. Water jet cutting does not generate heat, so it does not cause material changes, warping the product after cutting helps to keep the desired shape.

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Why choose waterjet cutting aluminum at CNCVINA?

With the professional processing capacity, high quality water jet cutting machine and CNCVINA’s processing experience, customers can rest assured to order waterjet products with their aluminum materials. We always ensure the technical and aesthetic requirements, delivery time and the most reasonable price for customers.

We do CNC waterjet cutting on waterjet cutting machines of Bystronic-Switzerland: Bystronic Byjet Smart 3015, processing size up to 1500x3000mm. Bystronic is known as the world’s leading water jet cutting line with high precision and stable operation, which has become a brand, bringing the best product quality to all customers. The machine is capable of cutting metal plates up to 100mm thickness. Interested customers please contact advice and order at:


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