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CNCVINA specializes in the design and manufacture of test jigs, fixtures test, JIG measurement serving the size and product quality inspection in mechanical assembly lines, motor vehicles, electronics with precision. High, optimal according to customer requirements. We have many years of experience in providing automated testing solutions, mechanical parts testing lines, machine parts with jig system, high precision, flexible and efficient JIG. Customers wishing to please contact for advice and support: VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-914740880 Email: Sales01@cncvina.com.vn | Sales02@cncvina.com.vn

All products are manufactured, assembled and manufactured after each stage and before being shipped, undergone inspection (QC-quality control). Depending on the type of product and its application, the test can only be done by visual test (visual test) or measurement of geometric parameters (length, width, roughness, gloss, weight). …), test the mechanical, chemical and physical properties (stress, strength, gas concentration …) to determine tolerances, errors compared to the design and required standards of the finished product. In order for the inspection to yield accurate, clear results and quick and convenient inspection, the use of test jigs for products is essential.

Depending on the requirements of testing different parameters, there are different types of jigs and test jigs for these purposes. Depending on the requirements, there will be various types of simple to complex jigs, ranging from mere mechanical mechanism to the presence of pneumatic and hydraulic clamps, servo motor, cruise sensor, position, calculator and report output parameters…

A set of jigs, Jig serve good test what benefits?

Testing and testing jigs help determine the parameters of a product to compare with the output standard and customer requirements. A test fixture designed and engineered with the optimal solution provides accurate and clear results from measurements. Help the inspection department to quickly determine whether the product meets the requirements or not.

The inspection process takes place with high accuracy and productivity, reducing product costs and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

do ga kiem tra JIG QC-test jig CNCVina

Characteristics of test jigs designed and manufactured by CNCVINA.

CNCVINA is a unit with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing jigs for testing in Vietnam, Philippines, India…Test jigs can be used alone or integrated into the measuring instruments. and automated testing in inspection lines. Our JIG and JIG designs are always simulated and optimized on 3D software before being put into production, to simplify the design, easy to use for the operator but still ensure accuracy throughout the working process. We specialize in providing test jig for automatic machines and lines. Flat jigs, coaxial, concentric testing, friction and friction testing, fatigue testing, static load test, dynamic load test for electric motorbikes, cars …Our assembly jigs feature the following features:

– Achieve high accuracy, reliable measurement results. The geometrical and technical specifications of the jigs are built based on our customers’ input and output requirements. Sensors, sensors, meters, cylinders … are all branded products from Europe and Japan (can be customized according to customer needs and investment levels).

– It can be easily and quickly installed and assembled before and after testing and flexible changes for each type of product to be tested (easily DANDORY with jigs for testing product models) different). Our test fixtures will help customers to significantly reduce the QC cycle time, bring higher productivity and reduce labor costs.

– There is sufficient rigidity, ensuring the requirements of clamping force, the reaction force generated during measurement and testing.

– Provide customers with automation solutions in optimal and modern testing. By a combination of components: jigs, work-pieces, robotic arms, measuring heads, displays, control ICs, calculating and outputting values, giving results in time space for a few seconds.

– The products need to be assembled in a clean room environment, special environment, the selection of materials for positioning elements, jig guides … must have good anti-wear properties, have a long use time. long, heat resistant, good moisture resistance. These requirements are always calculated in the design process of CNCVINA. Ensure the durability and long service life of jigs in the line.

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