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Painting Structural Service

With many years of experience in designing and manufacturing automatic machines, line structures and factories for customers in Japan, Korea, Philippines, India, CNCVINA always listens to customer feedback and contributions. In the process of using its products to improve and bring the best quality to the projects. We provide Vietnam's leading professional textured paint services. Interested customers please contact us for advice and support: VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-915740880 Email: |

For structures requiring coating, CNCVINA always pays attention to the protection ability of painted surfaces against the impact of environment and surface quality, product appearance.

Typical painting processes at CNCVINA include:

Determine the texture materials and customers’ coating requirements to choose the right paint.

Depending on the type of customer structure, the coating process will be calculated and selected by CNCVINA. Help customers save costs and ensure the quality of the structure during use.


Normally, with machines used in processing lines and factories, being exposed to greasy environment, acid, acid, 2-component epoxy paint will be the popular choice.

For example: For galvanized metal: Alkyd oil paint or epoxy paint can be used for metal.

For non-ferrous or galvanized metal: Epoxy primer for galvanized iron must be used first, then painted with epoxy or polyurethane-based paints if the items need to be painted outdoors.

For metal structures requiring heat or fire resistance, specialized paint systems must be used for each type.

Structural paint using Alkyd Benzo oil paint (suitable for non-galvanized steel structure. Can be used outdoors and indoors).

Paint with Epoxy two component paint (water resistant, heat resistant, grease resistant). Alkyd galvanized primer.

Epoxy paint is rich in zinc (superior to ordinary Epoxy paints. Requires use in very harsh environments).

Epoxy paint with high protection zinc components used in submerged marine environment, steel structure frame, tanks, metal tanks with strong acid chemicals or paint outside the dip-DIP tank, Spray tank in line. paint…).

– Position of suitable paint process: number of layers, thickness of each layer, time of painting.

– Surface treatment to achieve the best quality paints (grinding, rusting, blasting, sandblasting …)

– Single paint, primer, paint …

Check quality after painting.

 CNCVINA is a professional and reputable partner with many longtime FDI customers in the field of machinery and factory lines. We meet the most rigorous requirements of our customers in general and coating products in particular. CNCVINA is equipped with a separate paint room with a system of modern machinery, auxiliary systems, grating floor, paint tunnel, … to bring the highest efficiency for coating.

Customers who are interested in and need to manufacture, paint machinery structures, manufacture tanks, large tanks, please contact advice and order at the following address:


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