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We accept CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC wire cutting of mechanical parts, machine parts according to the requirements of every customer. Receive processing from single, few pieces or batch orders mass production with high accuracy, uniformity in quality, good price and always meet the progress of customers. Customers wishing to place an order please contact us for advice and support:


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CNCVINA is a reputable CNC manufacturing unit in Vietnam with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing machine parts, automatic machines, assembly jigs, automatic clamps, jigs for assembly, testing according to request with high accuracy.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of automated machines and systems. Machinery is made up of components, part assemblies with large, small size, different quantities, taking on different tasks during the operation. With special parts, small quantities, need single machining. But with many used parts, common, repetitive with a certain function for mass assembly, it is necessary to process large quantities in batches, thousands, tens of thousands of units.Characteristics of batch processing in large quantities.

As the name implies, mass production (mass production) is the name of the form of processing a product with a few thousand, tens of thousands of units in an order. Advantages of batch machining:

– The processing cost per product is significantly cheaper than single processing or processing a few dozen, a few hundred parts.

– Easily assess the quality of products, the degree of uniformity of products in the product range. From there, evaluate the processing ability of the processing units.

– In large quantities, in batches, customer orders will be meticulously supported from design optimization to material selection and processing, machine shift cost, labor … from manufacturer, thereby lowering the cost per product.The advantage of large series machining most customers see is that it is cheap. However, when comparing prices between processing units in Hanoi or nationwide, customers should consider some additional criteria.

The professional processing, the price customers receive from the parties will not differ much. Should consider production skills, machinery systems, equipment of outsourcing units before signing orders. All will help customers make a wise choice, making it easy to choose the most prestigious CNC machining units and the best prices.

Process of designing and processing CNC according to customer requirements at CNCVina

Our responsible department accepts orders from customers in Hanoi and nationwide with orders from single to mass products. With the products that customers have available self-designed drawings, the implementation of processing according to drawings will be conducted quickly to meet the customer schedule. For products that require design and manufacturing, the process will proceed as follows:

+ Technical department receives requests, ideas from customers about parts, part assemblies that customers request through preliminary or hand-drawn drawings, or available sample parts.

With a team of highly specialized designers and our experienced in CNC machining mechanical parts, we will conduct the design and consulting of design solutions to help parts ensure the best technical requirements in mounting. assemble with other parts in the assembly drawing. As well as ensuring size, tolerance and durability, rigidity in the structure. Mechanical products designed on 3D software support structural analysis and optimization. To help ensure technical requirements, reduce material and simplify texture. Offer product QC options and confirm with customers.

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+ Planning department calculates processing time and expected delivery time, notifies and confirms to customers about delivery time. Arranging and arranging machine shift, workers standing by machine according to actual production and delivery schedule as required by customers.

+ Machining department conducts programming processing of sample testing and product quality inspection with customers before mass processing. In parallel, it is the improvement of machining, optimizing the tool-path (CAM program) to reduce maximum machining time to help ensure the best production cost for customers.

We accept milling, turning, wire cutting from single orders, single orders or batch processing with high accuracy, good price and always meet the schedule of customers.

Customers who need to design and process CNC machine parts, jigs, JIG … on request please contact support:


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