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CNCVINA is a leader in the design, manufacture of jigs, JIG machining serving clamps in machining, assembly, inspection with high accuracy, optimal according to customer requirements. We have many years of experience in machine manufacturing, providing automation solutions in mechanical processing, manufacturing with accurate, flexible and efficient fixtures. Customers wishing to please contact for advice and support: VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-915740880 Email: |

Fixtures, JIGS is an indispensable product in the mechanical engineering industry. Referring to jigs, JIG refers to the task of clamping, positioning parts, its products. The jigs are designed and manufactured primarily for three tasks with three corresponding classification names: machining jigs, assembly jigs and test jigs.

Fixtures, JIG jigs help ensure product quality during processing, assembly and inspection. It is the first basis for other indicators to be born and to be valid if the jigs are correct. The first use of jigs and fixtures is for service – Jigs for machining.

What are the benefits of a Jigs/Fixtures for good machining?

Functions and benefits of using this jigs in accordance with its name. Specifically, the presence of jigs, JIG before, during and after the machining process (milling, turning, cutting, water jet cutting …) to locate parts, work-pieces, and maintain that position. during processing. From there the machining program can use the original coordinates as the standard. Determine the exact position of the work-piece compared to the cutting tool during machining. The use of good and optimized machining jigs not only helps to qualify machining, but it also helps the tasks to be done easily, quickly, reducing the time for setting.

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Features of jigs for machining made by CNCVINA

CNCVINA is a unit with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing jigs/fixtures in Vietnam. Our jig designs are always simulated and optimized on 3D software before being put into production, to simplify the design, easy to use for the operator but still ensure the accuracy correct during working process.

Our processing jigs are always in charge of positioning and gripping the work-pieces with the following outstanding features:

– Achieve high accuracy. Because all the parameters in the machining program will not be accurate if the jigs are not up to standard.

– It is possible to place the parts easily, quickly and flexibly according to the requirements of each type of processed product (with jigs for processing many different product models).

– Keep parts before, during and after machining.

– Sufficient hardness, ensure the requirements of clamping force, torque, jet generated during cutting from spindle, table, knife …

– With milling, turning, wire cutting, water jet cutting products, using coolant oil, cutting oil, immersion oil, acid, base, high temperature, chemical, dismantling customs … the selection of materials for positioning elements, jig guides … must have good anti-wear properties and have a long service life. These requirements are always calculated in the design process of CNCVINA.

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