EDM CNC Wire Cutting

CNCVINA provides customers with CNC wire cutting service. Received EDM wire cutting in Hanoi and nationwide Vietnam on Molybdenum wire cutter with high accuracy, quality, surface gloss guaranteed. The number of single processing according to customer requirements or batch processing, our wire cutting products always bring satisfaction to customers both in quality and delivery schedule. Customers wishing to please contact for advice and support: VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-915740880 Email: Sales01@cncvina.com.vn | Sales02@cncvina.com.vn

What is CNC wire cutting?

CNC Wire cutting EDM, also known as spark machining, is a special processing method thanks to metal corrosion by sparks. In machining CNC wire cutting by spark, tools and parts are two electrodes.

In which the cutting wire is Cathode and the part is playing as Anode. The movement of the cutting wire is controlled in a contour within the Cartesian coordinate system.

CNC-controlled table to create movement in X and Y directions magnetic depends on the work-piece thickness and the machine’s ability to cut the taper angle. The movement of the cutting wire can be started from the outside of the work-piece and enters the position to be cut, or threaded through the drill hole position through the work-piece thickness.

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The cutting process is the process of running interpolation wire XY, UV according to the contour (profile) that has been programmed on the control screen, the position of the cutting line is displayed directly coordinates and simulation images to help users easily. Easily control the cutting process.

CNC wire cutting machining methods

Currently, there are two methods of CNC wire cutting with names based on the material of wire cutting, respectively molybdenum wire cutting and copper wire cutting:

Cutting molybdenum wire (molybdenum, molybdenum, sawing wire cutting) is used a lot with the advantage that the investment cost for wire cutting materials is not too high, molybdenum wire can be used to cut repeatedly. The quality of the molyb cut surface ensures the processing of part surfaces and molds without requiring too high precision.

Copper wire cutting results in a highly polished machining surface that complies with high precision requirements in high-end molds and machine parts that require rigorous surface quality and accuracy. However, the investment costs and costs of copper wire cutting are significantly higher than that of molybdenum wire.

1Electrical Discharge MachineAD53L1SODICK600*400*400
2Electrical Discharge MachineAD3L1SODICK300*250*250
3Electrical Discharge MachineEGD21SODICK300*250*300
4Electrical Discharge MachineAM35L1SODICK350*250*250
5Electrical Discharge MachineA351SODICK350*250*300
6EDM wire cutting machineAQ600L1SODICK600*400*350
7EDM wire cutting machineVL400Q1SODICK400*300*250
8EDM wire cutting machineU31MAKINO370*270*220
9EDM wire cutting machineAQ600L1SODICK600*400*300
10EDM wire cutting machineAQ325L1SODICK350*250*220
11EDM wire cutting machine5SUNTECH600*400*400

Advantages when machining CNC wire cutting at CNCVINA

Machining parts by CNC wire EDM cutting is a special processing method, used for large thickness parts (up to 300, 500mm …)

Wire cutting profiles can ensure complex 2D design drawings, narrow grooves and small holes. Machining square corners, or sharp edges, complex curves, with gaps and varying cutting thickness.

Special, high-hardness machining materials that other machining methods are difficult to implement, not optimal or impossible to implement.

Wire cutting is also suitable for processing simple parts with small thickness. Can cut many products in one cut easily when stacking thin sheets on top of each other. And cut special parts, mold wire cut, cut mortar wire … as required.

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The cost of EDM CNC wire cutting by molybdenum and copper wire cutting is supported by CNCVINA flexibly, depending on the order quantity, the complexity of the parts. And the tolerance requirements, surface gloss requirements.

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