Trang chủ Batch machining Batch CNC Machining Brass Parts

Batch CNC Machining Brass Parts

CNC machining copper details, machining machine parts, mechanical parts in batches. Processing cnc milling, cnc turning, drilling and cutting wire EDM as required in Hanoi.

Design, process and quality control according to ISO 9001 system.

Precision machining, ensuring progress with modern CNC machining systems and experienced technical team.

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Batch CNC machining brass parts in large quantities is a mass CNC machining service that CNC-VINA has provided to customers for many years. Parts from brass are used more in both mechanical and mechanical structures. Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc, with good wear resistance, coefficient of friction, low melting point, ductile thanks to its ductility, thermal conductivity, strength, mechanical properties and resistance to high corrosion. Copper(Brass) is widely used in watchmaking, decoration, metalwork, advanced industry, musical instrument manufacturing, faucets, valves, locks, etc.

Brass machine parts are extremely useful for hot machines and products. So brass is an ideal material for the production of CNC machined parts. And the precision machined brass part is one of the commonly used metal CNC parts, often used to make valves, water pipes, air conditioner connections and radiators. They can be found in electronic products, metals, the medical industry and many consumer products.

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable CNC precision machining unit for brass machine parts? CNC-VINA brass CNC machining service in Viet Nam can be your ideal choice. Established in 2007, we have nearly 15 years of CNC machining experience, capable of processing simple to complex copper mechanical products including high quality precision CNC milling machine parts, CNC turning , wire cutting, water jet cutting.

NoMachineModelQ’tymanufacturerTravelSpindle speed
1Horiziontal machining centerA771MAKINO800*750*80012000
2Vertical machining centerPS651MAKINO660*510*46014000
3Vertical machining centerv331MAKINO600*400*35020000
4Vertical machining centerf31MAKINO650*500*45020000
5Vertical machining centers332MAKINO600*400*35020000
6Vertical machining centerPS651MAKINO660*510*46014000
7Vertical machining centerFX650A202MAKINO660*510*4608000
8Vertical machining centerVM76R1OKK1550*740*6608000
9Vertical machining centerZV54002NIPPEI TOYAMA800*560*56012000
10Vertical machining center635V2DMG635*510*46010000
11Vertical machining centerVF-91HASS2134*1016*7628000
12Vertical machining centerKV14001KASUGA1400*850*7008000
13Vertical machining centerMV40E4MORI SEIKI560*410*4608000
14Vertical machining centerMV40,MV453MORI SEIKI800*400*450
15Vertical machining centerMV40-JUNIOR2MORI SEIKI560*410*4608000
16Vertical machining centerHT401HITACHI SEIKI600*450*4766000
17Vertical machining center5VA1HAMAI1050*560*5504000
18Vertical machining centerMILLAC 65C1OKUMA1300*650*5804000
19Vertical machining centerFX480 DT29BRIDGEPORT480*400*43020000
20Vertical machining centerVP-20121AWEA2000*1200*78010000
21Machining centera-D14MiB4FANUC500*400*33010000
22Machining centera-D21MiB3FANUC700*400*33024000
23Machining centerTVT30J2TOYOSK350*250*45015000
24Machining centerTC-S2B-06BROTHER650*350*32016000
252 heads milling machineLC-700NC1LAUNCH700*700*500 
26Facing machineBH-1220MAL1LAUNCH2000*1200*7506000
27CNC Lathe machineTCN-2100L62TAKISAWA  
28CNC Lathe machineST-20,HL-282HASS, OKUMA  
29CNC Lathe machineNL2500,AL204MORI SEIKI  
30Electrical Discharge MachineAD53L1SODICK600*400*400 
31Electrical Discharge MachineAD3L1SODICK300*250*250 
32Electrical Discharge MachineEGD21SODICK300*250*300 
33Electrical Discharge MachineAM35L1SODICK350*250*250 
34Electrical Discharge MachineA351SODICK350*250*300 
35EDM wire cutting machineAQ600L1SODICK600*400*350 
36EDM wire cutting machineVL400Q1SODICK400*300*250 
37EDM wire cutting machineU31MAKINO370*270*220 
38EDM wire cutting machineAQ600L1SODICK600*400*300 
39EDM wire cutting machineAQ325L1SODICK350*250*220 
40EDM wire cutting machine 5SUNTECH600*400*400 
41Die sporting pressDSP1300A1ASAI  
42Conventional milling machine 4OKK1000*400*500 
43Conventional milling machine 6OKUMA-HOWA750*380*500 
44Conventional milling machine 4MAZAK  
45Surface grinding machine 4NICCO1000*500 
46High Precision Form GrindingPFG350DX3OKAMOTO  
47Surface grinding machineK09-250AHD1KENT  
48Cylindrical grinding machineJAG-CG3260-AL4JAGURA  
49Radial drilling machine 1AZUMA  
50Pressing machine 1AMADA1000*400 
51Horiziontal sawing machine 2AMADA  
52Tig, MIG welding machine 5PANASONIC  
 Welding machineAccutig 300P18OTC  
 Waterjet cutting machineByJet Smart 30151Bystronic  
54CMMM4431TOKYO SEIMITSU850*1000*600 
55Hardness Testing MachinesXYZAXSVANEX 9106-C61INSIZE  
56Image scanner 1MITUTOYO  
57Video measuring system4,0301   
58Micrometer, Caliper, height gage, Pin Gage, Gauge Block, Indicators,eteIPZ301560   

We combine CNC milling, wire-cutting and surface treatment for our customers’ products: Electroplating, Galvanizing, Gold Plating, Enamel, Knurling, Painting, Passivation, Anodizing, Powder coating Electroplating, Vacuum plating, Abrasion blasting, polishing, heat treatment, Nickel plating, zinc, tin, silver, chromium, etc.

Machining range for many different copper material codes: Brass brass 360, Brass brass 308, Copper 101, Copper 110, Copper 11000, Bronze bronze.

Advanced CNC lathes, qualified engineers and designers, experienced production workers ensure the quality of your products.

Supply OEM processing products:  Provide customers with the best design and manufacturing solutions according to required drawings and specifications at competitive prices.

dich vu gia cong CNC chi tiet dong CNC-VINA.jpg

dich vu gia cong CNC chi tiet dong CNC-VINA.jpg

Features and advantages when choosing CNC machining of copper parts on request at CNC-VINA

– CNC processed copper products at CNC-VINA have high precision, and uniform quality.

– Fast processing time, meeting the progress of all processing orders of customers

– Can cut production costs when mass processing at CNC-VINA

– Manufacturing process according to ISO 9001

Copper products are mass CNC machined

CNC machining copper key core, elbows, zigzag, bearing, bows, pipe accessories… machine parts in silver, box, fork form…

CNC machining brass cam lock, non-standard machine parts and mold components.

CNC-VINA provides CNC machining services of milling, turning, drilling, wire cutting combined to help batch processing ensure accuracy.

ISO 9001:2015 certified production management system brings reliable production process to customers.

Design files in CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS and most other file formats are accepted. We also support customers to design customized machine parts and CNC machining packages.

Customers who are interested and need to process machine parts in series, please contact support:


Factory: Song Cung Industrial Zone, Dong Thap Commune, Dan Phuong District, Hanoi

Tel:    +84-915744664/ +84-915740880

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