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CNCVINA is a leader in the design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures serves the assembly of mechanical products, automobiles, motorbikes, electronics on the assembly line with high accuracy, optimal according to customer requirements line. We have many years of experience in providing automation solutions, assembly lines with precision, flexible and efficient jig systems. Customers wishing to please contact for advice and support: VIET NAM CNC AND TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84-915744664/+84-915740880 Email: |

Jigs and jigs are a type of jigs that are often used in assembly lines to assemble a part or assembly. Products can be auto and motorbike spare parts in mechanical assembly and manufacturing plants. The standard part assemblies are made up of many components, PCB boards, boards in electronic assembly and manufacturing factories.

Assembly jigs vary from one product to another, from simple to complex and highly accurate. Simple assembly jigs often used for assembly jobs do not require too high precision. It may be merely mechanical assemblies. Complex jigs in addition to mechanical structure also have the presence of components: pneumatic source, hydraulic, position sensor, cruise sensor, timer, robotic arm …With the growing trend of the automation industry, jigs are not merely used by the workers. The intervention and support of automation systems, control systems, robots is indispensable and gradually becomes a trend of modern design and assembly jigs.

A set of jigs, Jig serve good assembly bring benefits?

Assembly jigs make assembling parts and products easy and fast. The optimal jig design helps to assemble easily and quickly, avoiding redundant operations, reducing assembly time and improving productivity. 


Features of jigs assembled and designed by CNCVINA

CNCVINA is a unit with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing jigs for assembly in Vietnam. Our jig designs are always simulated and optimized on 3D software before being put into production, to simplify the design, easy to use for the operator but still ensure the accuracy correct during working process.We specialize in the supply of jigs for machines and automatic assembly lines. Jigs of cars and motorcycles: cars seats, castings, brake pumps, auto jigs, motherboard assemblies, etc.Our assembly jigs feature the following features:

– Achieve high accuracy. The geometrical and technical specifications of the jigs are built based on our customers’ assembly requirements, input and output requirements.

– It is possible to easily assemble and assemble products and quickly and flexibly change the requirements of each type of product to be assembled (easily DANDORY with jigs for assembling many product models) different). Our assembly fixtures will help customers significantly reduce cycle time for the assembly process, resulting in higher productivity and reduced labor costs.

– There is sufficient rigidity, ensuring the requirements of clamping force, the reaction force generated during assembly and disassembly.

– Assembly jigs are always compatible and harmonize with the whole line. Because for the assembly process to take place smoothly and quickly, a combination of components is required: jigs, work-pieces, robotic arms, etc. The movement of other mechanisms is always guaranteed by CNCVINA to bring the highest efficiency.

– Products that need to be assembled in a special environment, the selection of materials for positioning elements, jig guides … must have good anti-wear properties, have a long service life, be heat resistant, good moisture resistance. These requirements are always calculated during the design process of CNCVINA. Ensure the durability and long service life of jigs in the line.

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