CNC Machining: CNC milling, CNC turning on DMG Mori-Seiki, CNC wire cutting specialist on molybdenum wire cutting machine with high precision, ensuring progress according to customer requirements in Hanoi and Vietnam.
Designing and processing mechanical parts according to customer requirements in Hanoi and nationwide. CNCVINA takes orders for single, on demand and bulk orders. Ensure technical requirements and schedule.
CNCVINA - Specialist in design and manufacture of JIG for processing / assembly / testing on automated machines, customer production line systems with over 10 years of experience.
CNC waterjet cutting of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and sheet metal with cutting thickness up to 200 mm. Waterjet cutting machining by Bystronic machine with high precision, ensuring the customer schedule required.
Design, fabrication and installation in Vietnam of tank structure, chemical and petroleum storage tanks, large sizes for paint lines, LPG tanks, cyclones, meet the technical requirements of all customers. .
In order to meet production requirements, in addition to human factors, CNCVina always focuses on investing, equipping with modern CNC machining systems, testing systems, paint rooms, etc. from brands: DMG MORI SEIKI, BYSTRONIC, ... with high precision and uniform machining quality.